Metal Roof Restoration System

System Description

The PATRIOTCOAT Metal Roof Restoration System is a fluid applied roof system that is the ideal solution for any aging metal roof. This water based, premium acrylic coating system, proven to withstand the test of time is manufactured by Patriot Products and carries a variety of product approvals and ratings, including Energy Star, Miami-Dade County, Florida Building Code approval and The Cool Roof Rating Council.

What We Offer

  • Energy Star Rated System
  • Miami Dade Approved
  • Approved Applicator Network
  • Over 30 Years Manufacturing Experience
  • Millions of Square Feet Installed

How the Owner Benefits

  • No More Leaks
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Metal Roof Service Life Extended
  • Tax Benefits of Coating System
  • No Business Interruption During Installation

The PATRIOTCOAT Metal Roof Restoration System


    Water based primer with the latest in corrosion control additives designed specifically for lightly corroded metal roofs.


    Water based, environmentally friendly sealant, designed to seal roof penetrations, seams and fasteners on metal systems and flashing.


    High solids, fire retardant, thixotropic acrylic specially formulated for roof surface waterproofing.


    One of the most advanced acrylic formulations on the market, ACRYLI-COAT 238 carries both Miami Dade and Florida Building Code approvals.