Roof Repair and Restoration Solutions

At Patriot Products we manufacture roof coatings that provide lasting repair and restoration solutions for leaking roofs. We have assisted contractors and facility managers with the right solution for their commercial building roof.

The Patriot product line includes Emulsion, Silicone, Acrylic and Polyurethane coatings for repair and restoration of a variety of roof systems including metal, membrane, and modified bitumen roofs. Reflective cool roof coatings are a specialty of Patriot and allow building owners to realize energy cost savings through reducing the building’s roof surface temperatures during peak cooling seasons.



FOR USE: metal roofs, single ply membranes, granulated modified bitumen and sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam roofing

ALDOCOAT 801 is the ideal choice for aged gravel built up roof systems quickly approaching the end of their service lives. The product was formulated for application over cleaned gravel BUR roofs after all loose gravel has been removed and any structural roof issues have been resolved. The thixotropic nature of ALDOCOAT 801 permits high build coverage in one pass, even on rough, textured or areas with accentuated surface profiles left by the old roof system. It has excellent adhesion to asphalt based substrates. ALDOCOAT 801 is designed to be top coated with ALDOCOAT 397 Silicone HB. Please contact our Technical Service Department for specific project related questions.

Emul-COAT 801

Roof Coating

ALDOCOAT 801 is a high solids, technologically advanced, thixotropic, 100% acrylic based flood coat formulated for the restoration of existing gravel built up roof systems. The proprietary formulation incorporates premium raw materials, reinforcing laminar pigments and proprietary components to produce a seamless and durable membrane having exceptional weatherability and waterproofing capabilities. The resultant tough, cured and coated system provides exceptional waterproofing properties and extends the service life of the roof.