Patriot Accessory Items

Roof Repair and Restoration Solutions

At Patriot Products we manufacture roof coatings that provide lasting repair and restoration solutions for leaking roofs. We assist contractors and facility managers with the right solution for their commercial building roof.

The Patriot product line includes Silicone, Acrylic and Polyurethane coatings for repair and restoration of a variety of roof systems including metal, membrane, and modified bitumen roofs. Reflective cool roof coatings are a specialty of Patriot and allow building owners to realize energy cost savings through reducing the building’s roof surface temperatures during peak cooling seasons.


Roofing Fabric

FABSTRAIGHT 1100 is a non-woven, stitch bonded, reinforcing roof fabric manufactured with a acrylic resin finish to reinforce coating systems and create superior adhesion to a variety of substrates, including aging asphalt. FABSTRAIGHT 1100 provides increased protection against coating degradation and water penetration in all roof systems that contain areas that require such, including but not limited to panel gaps on metal roofs, cracks and openings in older BUR systems and various roof penetrations.


Seam Tape

FLEX-SEAL 1150 is a pressure sensitive seam sealing tape with Dupont Sontara ® Fabric backing bonded onto 20 mils of Butyl Rubber adhesive. FLEX-SEAL 1150 stays flexible, even at low temperatures, to allow for the expansion and contraction of the substrate. FLEX-SEAL 1150 has an aggressive grip with superior adhesion to produce an immediate, water tight seal. Containing no harmful VOC’s, the product is environmentally safe. FLEX-SEAL 1150 will save metal roof sealing
cost under most metal system specifications.