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Roof Repair and Restoration Solutions

At Patriot Products we manufacture roof coatings that provide lasting repair and restoration solutions for leaking roofs. For more than 35 years we have assisted contractors and facility managers with the right solution for their commercial building roof.

The Patriot product line includes Silicone, Acrylic and Polyurethane coatings for repair and restoration of a variety of roof systems including metal, membrane, and modified bitumen roofs. Reflective cool roof coatings are a specialty of Patriot and allow building owners to realize energy cost savings through reducing the building’s roof surface temperatures during peak cooling seasons.



ENERTITE US is a low-density open-cell spray-applied polyurethane (SPF) foam system designed for residential insulation applications. ENERTITE US is compatible with most common construction materials, but should only be processed with BASF SPRAY 8000A/FE 800A Isocyanate.


  • Superior insulation performance
  • Ease of application
  • Non-fibrous
  • Sound control


ASTM E-84*
Listed at Intertek ETL Semko
NFPA 286


Silicone Sealant

Product Description

SILI-SEAL 999 is a high solid, low VOC, one-part silicone elastomeric flashing grade specifically designed for use in sealing roof penetrations, curbs, seams, flashing areas and any other roof top areas of possible water infiltration. SILI-SEAL 999 is also the sealant of choice for any roof system that has been previously coated with a silicone elastomeric coating. Once applied, this silicone flashing grade provides a durable, seamless and flexible system that resists lateral movement, shear and will allow for normal expansion and contraction. Mil for mil, SILI-SEAL 999 provides greater waterproofing protection than similar flashing grade silicone sealants and offers excellent resistance to moisture penetration.

Recommended Uses

SILI-SEAL 999 was specifically developed as a protective sealant for pipe boots, seams, flashing areas, curbs, exposed fasteners and all other breaches in a roof system that will allow water to enter a structure. With excellent adhesion to other silicone products, SILI-SEAL 999 is proven to provide long term durability versus water based sealants.


Butyl Sealant

Product Description

BUTY-SEAL 444 is a single component vapor retarder thermoplastic seam sealer specially formulated to provide a waterproof, weather resistant membrane with excellent permeability and ultraviolet protection. BUTY-SEAL 444 offers good elongation and tensile strength to resist lateral movement and allow for expansion and contraction of the substrate.

Recommended Uses

BUTY-SEAL 444 is recommended as a protective vapor retarder seam sealer for a variety of situations, including all types of seams, fasteners, gaps between metal panels, gutters, vent pipe flashings, air conditioning units and expansion joints.


Acrylic Sealant

Product Description

ACRYLI-SEAL 222 is a high quality, high solids, acrylic elastomeric seam sealer designed to bridge and seal seams, gutters, vent pipe flashings, air conditioning units and expansion joints for all types of roofing substrates. ACRYLI-SEAL 222 has excellent weatherability and ultraviolet resistance. ACRYLI-SEAL 222 also offers a flexible, durable sealer with excellent resistance to mechanical or chemical attack.

Recommended Uses

ACRYLI-SEAL 222 should be applied only to clean, dry, sound surfaces free of loose particles or other foreign matter. Over metal surfaces that show signs of oxidation, rust should be removed by wire brushing if necessary after pressure washing. A primer is required over such areas, as well as over areas that may have existing caulking.