Roof Repair and Restoration Solutions

At Patriot Products we manufacture roof coatings that provide lasting repair and restoration solutions for leaking roofs. We assist contractors and facility managers with the right solution for their commercial building roof.

The Patriot product line includes Silicone, Acrylic and Polyurethane coatings for repair and restoration of a variety of roof systems including metal, membrane, and modified bitumen roofs. Reflective cool roof coatings are a specialty of Patriot and allow building owners to realize energy cost savings through reducing the building’s roof surface temperatures during peak cooling seasons.



FOR USE: metal roof decks, aged BUR surfaces, cap sheet and selected primed single ply systems

Those located in rainy climates will be glad to know that Thermoplastics have a superb resistance to moisture penetration. They are able to perfectly withstand water ponding conditions. And, when dealing with mildly rusted metal surfaces, this coating eliminates the need for a primer coat.


Thermoplastic Coating

THERMO-COAT 538 is a thermoplastic copolymer butyl rubber elastomeric vapor retarder coating uniquely formulated for the protection of metal, aged BUR, wood, concrete and other substrates. The PATRIOT proprietary formulation incorporates elastomeric rubber and selected additives tested for compatibility. Once cured, this liquid applied polymer provides an exceptionally durable, seamless, flexible waterproofing membrane that resists cracking through excellent elongation properties. As a result, it allows for thermal shock (normal expansion and contraction) that may take place within most structures. THERMO-COAT 538 Butyl provides valuable UV protection and offers superb resistance to any moisture penetration.